2 Years at Vercel

Crossing 2 years at ▲ Vercel is reflective of that point in a hypothetical hiker film where the protagonist has renewed self-confidence and courage, not only because they’re the protagonist of their story, but because the thrills and perils of the journey has demanded this out of them.

My previous milestones at 6 months and 1 year also cover some learnings and achievements that are still as personally significant and relevant to me as they were, then. However, sifting through the sum of all days after this 2 year mark, I now know that I cherish most the richness of experiences at hand.

Thus, the following is what has mattered to me in the last year as a whole →

  • Digging deep into what really is impactful and getting serious about building my own bridges
  • Prioritizing life outside of work that will inevitably feed back into the work
  • Asking questions and framing answers in pursuit of building up clarity

None of this would be possible without the rocketship-full of folks whom I have the privilege of working alongside. A special thank you to each member of my CSE team (forever, unsung champs!) and my manager, Scott Parker. Finally, a big hurrah to, Cody Brouwers, for mentoring me in all things #engineering.

May the path forward be extraordinary and the next milestone tenfolds as fulfilling.

Until next time,