Turning 23

I turn 23 today. As I have done in past years (2019 & 2020), there are reflections I want to put to paper for a personal reason (namely, having something to look back on). This post is an attempt to do just that. However, this birthday is also a first for me, in one specific way; I am without my father here to celebrate it with me. He forever cherished my writings. Thus, I write to mark this birthday for him, despite it feeling less of a celebration and more of a happening: I turned 23 today.

Some other things:

  • I am grateful for the company of the muse. I have written fewer poems between now and June 24th, 2020. These poems, many unwritten, are a source of thinking. When I used to commute in 2019, I wrote on an almost daily basis. Now, when time inside the house outnumbers the time spent outside, the same feeling is present. I cannot tell you why, but it exists.
  • The clarity of really distinguishing who is in your corner, and whom — all this time — you had convinced yourself to believe is, is eye-opening. The last year has been eye-opening. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” — Maya Angelou
  • When meeting new people through a screen and introducing myself, I learned that I will almost always share portions of my heart openly. Connecting with sincerity because there is no time for BS. Likewise, being ambitious comes back with an urgency when you know you have a promise to fulfil.
  • Missing Home is easier than missing a person at Home. The latter both reduces and reinforces the prior.
  • The story of a blog post in March leading to a job offer in November is not one I could have ever imagined. I am still improving my confidence in my own skills and shaping the start of my 'career' but being able to do so in a well-supported environment that does not undervalue your worth is refreshing.
  • I had completely taken for granted the importance of walks. Or some movement. Sitting at a desk for hours is miserable. Especially in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Ephemeral content is great and all but please know that you may want to save some moments for eternity. The seed of an idea to make this possible, grows.

Until next time,